• Yes – Cock and Bull 2012 is on.

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    Food for the Mind, Body & Soul

    Food for the soul – barnstorming musical lineup!

    Food for the body – 100% local food & drink!

    Food for the mind – farmyard antics, workshops and surprises!

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    Food for the Soul – Music

    Our aim is to get people dancing, and keep them there. That means good music for all. Think as follows: soul, 50’s rock n’roll, gypsy funk, reggae, afrobeat, jazz, electroswing… with much more inbetween! We’ll have three stages running into the night – including acoustic sessions around the fire under the stars. We are excited to announce the following performers:-

    Joe Driscoll

    Creating waves on both sides of the Atlantic are the transcendental sounds of modern day one man band, Joe Driscoll. His revolutionary take on music is without boundaries. Effortlessly fusing hip-hop, reggae, soul, folk and rock to create a completely original and unique sound. An incredible live performer – you’ll have his songs stuck in your head for days.



    Sheelanagig have been honing their eclectic blend of folk, jazz and world music since early 2005. Blistering live performances have made Sheelanagig festival favourites across the UK and Europe. See this youtube clip to see why we are so excited about having them at Cock & Bull.


    John Fairhurst

    A really special blues guitarist. How good is he? You be the judge!


    Kasai Masai

    Kasaï Masaï is led by Voodoo King Nickens Nkoso: percussionist, singer and dancer. They will get everyonbe jumping and have played everywhere from Womad (see clip) to Glastonbury.


    Artful Badger – badger badger samba band

    They run the best stage at Secret Garden. Now they’re bringing the badger samba band to Cock and Bull. A 7 piece percussion heavy live band – don’t miss their Saturday night procession!!!


    Benin City

    Mark Lamarr, BBC Radio 2:…. “Woah nelly…incredible!…they make me want to be young again!”.. .. ..
    Craig Charles, BBC6 Music…. “I love this band!…They’re tearing the roof off!”.. .. ..
    With their Outkast-meets-James Brown style, Benin City are one of the UK’s outstanding new bands. This brilliant London five-piece outfit fuses funk, drum and bass, hip-hop, Afrobeat, poetry and jazz, one of the UK’s finest spoken word artists, Joshua Idehen.


    Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle

    Festival favourites – Reviewed as “The most fulfilling live experience in the north” by Newcastle`s Northern Echo. They will get the dance floor jumping, think sleazy new Orleans blues drunk on moonshine!


    Ivo Neame Quartet

    Coming straight to the Cock and Bull festival from the Montreall jazz festival. This is a set not to miss. Ivo and his players are at the top of the UK jazz scene and paly with everyone worht playing with including the Cinematic Orchestra, Jamie Cullum and Winston Marsallis!  They will play a special ‘Cinematic Orchestra’ inspired set on Sunday afternoon.

    Marthas & Arthurs

    Will bring their heavenly melodies to the farm.


    Amber States

    A four piece who generate a toe tapping folky feel with their guitars and cello!


    Ellie Mae

    An exquisite folk singer & guitarist.





    Roxy Rowson

    Sounds little like regina spektor with a violin, which is a very good thing!





    Boothill Allstars

    Local legends a ‘west country bootlegged hoedown’ band, in their own words they are ‘a psychobilly-bluegrass-ska band playing banjo and guitar-driven songs to grab your  partners by the gland’!




    Nike Jemiyo


    A rising star with a really beautiful voice!




    Little Signals

    On the up & up – we expect big things from this three piece!




    Port Erin

    Local lads port erin bring their guitars straight from glastonbury to the cock and bull. A band full of potential about to make it big!

    The Main Barn.

    We are honoured to have the Wandering Word boys managing the main stage,  they bring words, beats, chai, cider, wonder & loveliness to festivals all summer long. This barn will be transformed into another world!

    The Stone Barn

    An army of dj’s & visual producers are descending from London & Brighton to turn this ancient stone barn into a jumping dance floor. The policy is ‘music to get you dancing’ and they will keep you dancing all night long.

    The infamous ‘Doug’s den’ cider bar will be right nearby serving ‘Black Rat’ and other ciders. This will be fun!


    Food For the mind!

    There’s gonna be all sorts going on over the weekend, here’s a little taster:

    Wild foods & medicine
    Our experts Tasha & Patch will run a beginners course including a walk looking for wild food!

    Butchery demo
    Neil Hooper is a master butcher and his family have run a butchers since 1960. He is an expert in traditional methods of meat cutting. He runs the church farm meats shop and we’re very glad that he’ll be running the bbq all weekend long too!

    We’ll have loads of animals including kune kune pigs, goats, bulls, sheep & a bull!

    Sheep shearing
    It ain’t easy, but if you fancy giving it a go, you can!

    Valerie the bull
    Of course we will have the infamous cow pat challenge…

    Sandal making workshops
    One for the girls (and boys?)… Amanda will be running a sandal making workshop – check out the future of shoes right here: http://icanmakeshoes.com/

    Brake the cycle
    Bringing the eco-ranger sand the free shop, we are very pleased to welcome ‘brake the cycle’ to the team. ‘Upcycling’ is the art of turning stuff that has been thrown away, into stuff that can be used again.

    ‘Inner Animal’
    Come make your animal masks &  costumes for the Saturday night’s fancy dress theme & sunset procession !

    Katcha is an inspirational ‘up-cycler’ – check out her website where hse makes everything from purses to crocodile scupltures out of used materials !

    We will have not too early morning yoga to freshen people up.

    National trust Gardens
    We are very lucky to have access to these nearby National Trust  romantic gardens for saturday afternoon.

    Poetry Workshop & Sunday slam!

    The wonderful wandering word are managing our main stage. They are famous around the country for giving a space to poetry and spoken word. It’s not something that is just for the classroom… it’s something that everyone can relate to and give a go. We’ll have a team ready to show you the way.
    Drumming workshop
    Some of the badger badger band will lead a drumming workshop before they lead the animal procession on Saturday night!

    More tbc…

    - It`s your festival, if you suggest an idea we`ll probably do it. Drop us a line to cockandbullfestival@gmail.com


    Food for the body!

    On the farm – we know how important food is.

    We will provide 100% home cooked food – for all tastes.

    Most importantly – decent prices and large portions!

    We will have the following:

    • BBQ – Hog roast, burgers, sausages, bacon butties…
    • Deli – An array of salads & veggie dishes.
    • Cafe – Tea, coffee, cakes mmnnnnn